Solar Panels

External Projects


Extractives Country Profile: Namibia

This is a comprehensive overview of the legislative framework for the extractive industries in Namibia. Aside from highlighting key laws, this research includes information on recent literature, stakeholders and contacts in the sector. This work was conducted for the EnerguHub+.

Research Contributor: Energy Transition in Africa

Researched renewable energy policy, regulators, statistics and developments in African nations in order to track the speed of their energy transition. Cited as a contributor in a special issue journal article: ‘Energy Transition Indicators in African Countries: Managing the Possible Decline of Fossil Fuels and Tackling Energy Access Challenges’


Negotiating with China: A toolkit for African nations

This research paper analyses the resource-for-infrastructure deals that have been negotiated between China and various African nations over the last 20 years, and extracts insights on the highly effective, but relatively unknown, Chinese negotiation style.t. It draws lessons from poorly negotiated deals to equip leaders with the tools to negotiate more balanced deals.