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The Energy Corner aims to provide insights into new issues on the energy horizon. We have a specialised focus on commercial issues within the energy law space, The Energy Corner studies the intersection between law, energy and finance, and how new developments in these spaces impact investors and governments.


Previous articles have covered energy law topics such as renewable energy financing agreements, petroleum taxation regimes in Africa and protecting investors from cost overruns on energy projects; as well as corporate finance law topics such as contractual risk mitigation techniques to make projects more bankable and analysing the risks carried by lead banks and arranging banks in syndicated loans. 


The Energy Corner further invites an interdisciplinary approach. A stellar example of this is a 3 part series on the lessons that can be learned from the negotiation of natural resource deals between African nations and China. This 3 part series dives into the pitfalls of previous deals on the African continent and provides insights into a rare negotiation style that will allow for more balanced deals to be struck.


In light of the global shift from fossil fuels to clean energy, The Energy Corner will put a sharp focus on issues related to the energy transition and follow the impacts of this trillion-dollar reallocation of capital on legal systems.


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Energy Corner by Zach Kauraisa


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